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Latest publications

Kaeshammer, L. Borne, F. Willot, P. Dokládal, S. Belon (2021): Morphological characterization and elastic response of a granular material. Computational Materials Science 190 110247.
R. Rodriguez Salas, P. Dokládal, E. Dokladalova (2021): A minimal model for rotation invariant convolutional neural networks with angle prediction. 16th International Conference on Computer Vision Theory and Applications - VISAPP 2021, On-line Streaming (Austria).
R. Rodriguez Salas, P. Dokládal, E. Dokladalova (2021): Rotation Invariant Networks for Image Classification for HPC and Embedded Systems. Electronics 10(2) 139.

Since its foundation in 1967, the CMM has contributed to the growth and dissemination of the theoretical and algorithmic corpus of mathematical morphology, making use of very broad fields of application, thereby providing a rich experimental terrain for the development of new concepts and tools. Its activities centre around collaboration with industry, research and teaching.

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