Morph-M is the result of the work of several researchers at the Centre for Mathematical Morphology. Morph-M provides a rich environment for the development of image processing algorithms. Most of current research projects at the CMM are based on Morph-M.



The main component of Morph-M is an image processing library implemented on C++, following the principles of generic programming. This library contains most of the operators offered by mathematical morphology, from basic operations, such as dilations and erosions, up to the most powerful operators, such as the hierarchical watershed. These functions are implemented with efficient algorithms, as those based on the hierarchical lines. The library also contains more classical functions of image processing.

Morph-M can be used through a Python interface. This allows to easily combine Morph-M with other packages available through Python like, for example, VTK. For instance, a 3D interactive segmentation software has been developed on this basis.

Matlab and Labview Interfaces development are in progress


The main features of Morph-M are :

Morph-M represents a reference in mathematical morphology. Indeed, Morph-M algorithms are written in accordance with the theory and are scrupulously tested.


segmentation et graphe
Original Image , segmentation, and neighborhood graph

3-dimensional segmentation of the heart


The CMM recognizes the importance of mutually beneficial partnerships. Morph-M is used by partners of the centre de Morphologie Mathématique, such as:

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At the moment, Python interface is the only supported interface for the Morph-M Library.

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