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A. HAMMOUMI, M. Moreaud, C. Ducottet, S. Desroziers (2020): Distance transform data augmentation and stochastic patch-wise image prediction methodology for small dataset learning. Neurocomputing.
Most recent methods of image augmentation and prediction are building upon the deep learning paradigm. A careful preparation of the image dataset and the choice of a suitable network architecture are crucial steps to assess the desired image features and, thence, achieve accurate predictions. We first propose to help the learning process by adding structural information with specific distance transform to the input image data. To handle cases with limited number of training samples (as 12 training and 2 validation images), we propose a patch-based procedure with a stratified sampling method....

A. Chabani, C. Mehl, I. Cojan, R. Alais, D. Bruel (2020): Semi-automated component identification of a complex fracture network using a mixture of von Mises distributions: Application to the Ardeche margin (South-East France). Computers & Geosciences 137 104435.
Proposing a quantitative description of fracture main orientations is of prime interest for reservoir modeling. Manual sorting of fracture sets is time consuming and requires individual expertise. Semi automated methods for determination of the number of fracture sets are not developed in structural geology despite complex fracture networks being common. This study aims at demonstrating the input of mixture of von Mises (MvM) distributions to model complex fracture datasets, based on data from the Ardeche margin (7800 km2 SE France). An appraisal test selects the optimized number of...

A. Lelevic, V. Souchon, M. Moreaud, C. Lorentz, C. Geantet (2020): Gas chromatography vacuum ultraviolet spectroscopy: A review. Journal of Separation Science 43(1) 150—173.
Accelerated technological progress and increased complexity of interrogated matrices imposes a demand for fast, powerful, and resolutive analysis techniques. Gas chromatography has been for a long time a ‘go‐to’ technique for the analysis of mixtures of volatile and semi‐volatile compounds. Coupling of the several dimensions of gas chromatography separation has allowed to access a realm of improved separations in the terms of increased separation power and detection sensitivity. Especially comprehensive separations offer an insight into detailed sample composition for complex samples....

D. Jeulin (2020): Towards crack paths simulations in media with a random fracture energy. International Journal of Solids and Structures 184 279—286.

C. Gommes, Y. Jiao, A. Roberts, D. Jeulin (2020): Chord-length distributions cannot generally be obtained from small-angle scattering. Journal of Applied Crystallography 53(1) 127—132.

A. Fehri, S. Velasco-Forero, F. Meyer (2020): Combinatorial space of watershed hierarchies for image characterization. Pattern Recognition Letters 129 41—47.

R. Alais, P. Dokládal, A. Erginay, B. Figliuzzi, E. Decencière (2020): Fast macula detection and application to retinal image quality assessment. Biomedical Signal Processing and Control 55 101567.

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