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D. Jeulin, M. Moreaud (2006): Percolation d'agrégats multi-échelles de sphères et de fibres – Application aux nanocomposites. Matériaux 2006, Dijon (France) 341—348.

L. Denis, C. Fournier, T. Fournel, C. Ducottet, D. Jeulin (2006): Direct extraction of the mean particle size from a digital hologram. Applied optics 45(5) 944—952.
Digital holography, which consists of both acquiring the hologram image in a digital camera and numerically reconstructing the information, offers new and faster ways to make the most of a hologram. We describe a new method to determine the rough size of particles in an in-line hologram. This method relies on a property that is specific to interference patterns in Fresnel holograms: Self-correlation of a hologram provides access to size information. The proposed method is both simple and fast and gives results with acceptable precision. It suppresses all the problems related to the numerical...

T. Kanit, F. N'Guyen, S. Forest, D. Jeulin, M. Reed, S. Singleton (2006): Apparent and effective physical properties of heterogeneous materials : representativity of samples of two materials from food industry. Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 195 3960—3982.
Three-dimensional confocal images of two materials A and B from food industry made of two constituents with highly contrasted properties, having the same volume fraction but different morphologies, are used to estimate their effective elastic and thermal properties. For that purpose, finite element simulations based on explicit meshing of the microstructures are performed on six samples of the materials, with different boundary conditions: kinematic uniform (KUBC), stress uniform (SUBC) and periodic boundary conditions. Direct simulations on the entire samples show that KUBC and SUBC provide...

E. Parra-Denis, C. Barat, C. Ducottet, D. Jeulin (2006): Caractérisation de la forme complexe de particules intermétalliques dans les alliages d'aluminium par analyse statistique. Actes de la conférence Matériaux 2006 (CDROM) Thème 13, article n°1073.

S. Outal (2006): Quantification par analyse d'images de la granulométrie des roches fragmentées : amélioration de l'extraction morphologique des surfaces, amélioration de la reconstruction stéréologique.
This research deals with a more general context of the quality control for some important operations in mining production, predominantly blasting, crushing and grinding. It is interested more in the granulometry quantification of the fragmented rocks by using image processing. In general, the development work is mainly related to the improvement of two most important stages of measurement : the contours extraction of the fragments at the image (2D) and the rebuilding of the 3D size-distribution-curve (stage of stereology, 3D). Nowadays, screening (or more general the sifting) is the most used...

J. Brambor (2006): Algorithmes de la morphologie mathématique pour les architectures orientées flux.
This thesis deals with the algorithms of Mathematical Morphology that can consider the pixels of an image as if they were a stream of data. We will show that a great number of algorithms of Mathematical Morphology can be described by data flows (streams) passing through the operating units. We will see that this approach can function on generic processors supporting a multi-media instruction set as well as on graphics cards. We propose to use the functional language Haskell for the description of algorithms operating on data flows. This allows us to describe the building blocks that are used...

R. Lerallut (2006): Modélisation et interprétation d'images à l'aide de graphes.
Intelligent analysis and comparison of images is one of the most dynamic topic of research in both academia and industry. Describing and comparing images automatically is a critical issue for the full development of the «information society» Search engines working on textual data have dramatically proved their value. However, there is currently no similar system for image-only data. One possible explanation is that we do not really have a language made for describing images, thus meaningful comparisons are much more difficult than in the case of text. Nevertheless, textual search engines...

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