Research & Projects - Jesús Angulo

Last modification: January 1st, 2010

  1. Mathematical morphology general topics

  2. Application to bioimaging and visiomic

  3. Other topics

  1. Project INDIGO - European STREP in the FP6 (Aug 05/Jul 08): Integrated Highly Sensitivity Fluorescence-based Biosensor for Diagnostic Applications.

  2. Project GEMBIO - French Grant CGM (Jan 04/Dec 04): Mathematical methods for the analysis of biochip data: towards medical and therapeutic diagnosis and prognostic.
    Supported by the Strategic Orientation Committee for the Ecoles des Mines, part of the Conseil General des Mines (CGM).

  3. Project MATCHCELL2 - French Grant BIO CRITT (Jan 04/Sept 04): Automation for the characterisation of red blood cells for colour images of peripheral blood smears.

  4. Project MATCHCELL - French Grant BIO CRITT (Jan 01/Sept 01): Development of image processing tools for computer aided diagnosis in haematological cytology (lymphocyte characterisation).

  1. INSERM U507, Hôpital Necker - Paris (2003): Morphological quantification of aortic calcification from low magnification images.

  2. INSERM U428, l'Université Paris V (2002): Application of mathematical morphology to the quantification of in vitro endothelial cell organization into tubular-like structures.

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