MAMBA (MAthematical Morphology liBrAry) is an Open Source (X11 license) library based on Python and available on GNU/Linux and Windows® operating systems.

The latest release of MAMBA (version 2.0) is OUT!

Click on the above MAMBA logo to know more about MAMBA and to download the latest release (february, 2011).

MAMBA in a nutshell:

MAMBA is written in C for low level functions and in Python for high level interface and image handling
MAMBA can handle binary images defined with one bit/pixel, 8-bit greyscale images (256 grey levels) or 32-bit unsigned greyscale images. With binary images, 32 (Windows 32-bit) or 64 pixels (Linux or Windows 64-bit) can be processed in parallel.
MAMBA is available on Linux and Windows (all versions).
The SSE2 instruction set is used in MAMBA. This speeds up greatly many morphological operators.
Watershed operators and geodesic reconstructions based on hierarchical queues are included.
Last but not least, MAMBA is free! Firstly, this means that MAMBA is an Open Source software package released under the X11 license. Secondly, MAMBA is free of charge. Sources, executables and documentation can be freely downloaded here.

Beside the official MAMBA documentation, other valuable documents can be found here. They describe algorithmic implementations realised in MAMBA

Last modification: november 7, 2015