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The Centre of Mathematical Morphology (CMM) hosts French or foreign PhD students and trainees. They work on image processing, and on mathematical morphology more particularly. Application scopes are numerous: multimedia, electronics, materials science, industrial control and medicine. Most studies carried out at the CMM are linked both to theory and practice: the first element is based on the constant development of Mathematical Morphology, and the second one takes shape through industrial agreements, which give a precise aim to these studies.

The environment, at the Fontainebleau location of MINES ParisTech, is pleasant. One hour's drive from Paris, 400 researchers work on this spot. And Fontainebleau inhabitants can take advantage from one of the greatest French forests!

PhD positions

As an introduction, we will list some general features for all PhD positions at the CMM.

Carrying out a PhD subject usually requires three years.

Foreign applicants should preferably master French. If not, they must be ready to follow intensive courses from their arrival. The final thesis must be written in French.

Each subject proposal shortly describes the research to be carried out, and includes the name of the person to be contacted to get more information or to apply to.

Master internships